Interactive Singlish

Kindly refresh your page once before use. Take a look at the Singlish photographs. Choose your favourite scene(s) and get creative with the 'speechies' below. Fill in the blanks and caption what each photo illustration depicts for you. After you are done, download the copy and share them on your social networks #Singaporelang #WhatTheSinglish!. Or surprise your friends and email it to them! Just whack lah!
1. Select your favourite photo
2. Put meaning into the scene

Drag and drop your chosen 'speechies' onto your selected photo above.

  • bubble-aiyo
  • bubble-alamak
  • bubble-bochup
  • bubble-catchnoball
  • bubble-cmi
  • bubble-hosay
  • bubble-howcan
  • bubble-huatah
  • bubble-jialat
  • bubble-kancheong
  • bubble-kaypoh
  • bubble-kayu
  • bubble-kennastomp
  • bubble-kiasu
  • bubble-malu
  • bubble-paktor
  • bubble-pattern
  • bubble-relac
  • bubble-sabo
  • bubble-sayang
  • bubble-siao
  • bubble-simidaiji
  • bubble-solid
  • bubble-steady
  • bubble-stunned
  • bubble-stylo
  • bubble-suay

3. Download your creation and submit it to Singaporelang!

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